With organisers currently putting together the agenda for this year’s Glazing Summit, some of the event partners have spoken about what they are hoping to be discussing at this year’s event.

A line-up of key-note speakers, including respected industry leaders, trailblazers and proven experts, will discuss the biggest industry issues across the Main Stage and, new for this year, the Technical Stage.

Sam Nuckey

“The big topic will be around smart tech,” commented Sam Nuckey, Managing Director of major UK distributor Window Ware.
“It’s a hot topic across the industry as new products are being brought to market that are definitely more focussed on the fabricator rather than just purely and primarily the consumer.”

Chris Alderson, Managing Director of Edgetech, the world’s leading warm-edge spacer manufacturer, said:

“I’m hoping the Glazing Summit raises the profile of the insulating glass sector, which is sometimes forgotten about within our industry. Our customers have made significant investment and do face lots of needs and challenges going forward so I would like to raise their profile at this year’s event.”

Howard TrotterFor Howard Trotter, Business Manager at leading window and door manufacturers Shelforce, the skills shortage is something he’s hoping is once again on the agenda.

“The labour issues and skills shortage is something that we’re all facing; there are answers out there, but we all need to know collectively what those answers are.”