The glazing industry has lurched from one crisis to another, from the impact of lockdown to the floodgates opening to an under-prepared industry.

But undoubtably it’s the supply chain crisis that has had the most significant impact on businesses across the industry.

Customers are being repeatedly let down on orders while companies are not able to offer the levels of customer service they have previously, which could potentially prove damaging in the future.

The subject is set to be covered at length at this year’s Glazing Summit, which has built its reputation on tackling the biggest issues in the industry.

The one-day conference, which takes place on Thursday, October 21 at Edgbaston Stadium and Conference Centre, Birmingham, will feature a combination of debates, discussions, and keynotes.

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Each panel debate/discussion will consist of four expert panellists and a debate host to ask the tough questions, and the Conquering the Supply Chain Crisis debate is sure to be hotly discussed.

Andrew Scott, Glazing Summit founder, said: “The industry is in a strangle-hold with global material shortages, manufacturing delays, and spiralling costs. While some companies report record sales, without the materials to fulfil the orders, the impact can be devastating.”

“Tempers are flaring as customers are repeatedly let down while an unexpected surge in demand for home improvements has exasperated the problem. Some suppliers are doing better than others, and we want to find out the reasons why, and look at and how the quality, delivery and cost issues can be resolved.”

“We can’t have our heads in the sand and must face up to the supply chain crisis – which is exactly what the Glazing Summit will do.”

Attendees will be able to have their say on the supply chain debate thanks to interactive Q&A and polling platform app Slido.

The supply chain debate is just one of the major topics that the spotlight will fall on throughout the day, with regulations, sustainability, mergers and acquisitions and an installer debate also on the agenda. The day will also include a keynote speech from Greg Perdon in the morning and Geoff Burch in the afternoon. Greg is a Chief Investment Officer with Arbuthnot Latham and will be sharing his economic and business outlook for the glazing, building products and housing market, while Geoff Burch, a motivational speaker who the Sunday Times dubbed ‘The Hells Angel of Management Consultancy.’

“We wanted to choose controversial topics and pose the hard questions to really get the sparks flying,” added Andrew. “It’s been a hugely tough and demanding two years for our industry and we need to take the gloves off and tackle these issues head-on. After all, that’s what the Glazing Summit is all about.”

More than 300 leaders from across the industry are set to attend the Glazing Summit. For tickets book online today or call 01934 808293.