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The Glazing Summit Awards 2021

The Glazing Summit Awards showcase the UK glass and glazing industry and recognise the world-class companies within in. Focused on organisation excellence the Awards are open to all companies across the supply chain and associated companies who work in or support the industry.

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Come together for the industry’s biggest ever conference at the world-renowned Edgbaston Stadium and Conference Centre, Birmingham.

Edgbaston Stadium

7th October 2021

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Front view of Edgbason Stadium
  • I think it’s really important to hold events like this because it’s a really good opportunity to get the industry together. We’re all facing very similar challenges

    – Charlotte Mercer, Head of Marketing at Edgetech

  • What we’ve had is probably one of the most realistic, yet dynamic takes on the UK fenestration industry and that has been the Glazing Summit today

    – Justin Ratclffe, Chief Executive, CAB

  • A number of topical debates that have been covered well today and I think it’s really important for the industry to really understand what the future looks like and how we get there

    - Russell Yates, Managing Director, ALUK

Awards categories

Sustainability in Business Award

This award is open to companies that can demonstrate a successful commitment to managing environmental and sustainability obligations while delivering commercial success. The judges will want to see a commitment to carbon reduction alongside processes with a positive social and environmental impact.

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Employer of the Year Award

This award is for companies that have created a stimulating and supportive work environment for their staff and demonstrated a commitment to their welfare. This will have resulted in high staff satisfaction levels and a well-motivated, ambitious and integrated workforce.

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Customer Experience Award

This award is open to outstanding customer champions – companies that operate customer-centric principles where the customer is truly king and your employees are empowered to deliver great customer experience.

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Family business of the Year

This award is open to family businesses where a minimum of 2 family members are directors/owners (siblings, parents and children) and are currently operated by the founding family.

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Start-up business of the Year

This award recognises start-up companies, under two years old, that have turned an idea into a successful business venture. This category is also open to new ventures that might be a spin-out from an existing business, provided the new venture is stand-alone (new products or divisions would not qualify).

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Fast-Track business of the Year

This award is for the industry success stories - high-growth companies that have delivered year-on-year growth, job creation and great customer service.
Minimum requirements are £2m turnover and 10 staff, and the company will need to show a minimum of 10% annual growth each year over the last 3 years.

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Outstanding Business Achievement

This award is presented to an organisation with an outstanding achievement that showcases ‘the best of the best’ of the UK glazing industry. It might be a commercial transformation, a game-changing new product or technology, a major project success, or a visionary business approach that has delivered extraordinary results.

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Entrepreneur of the Year

Judges will be looking for individuals who can demonstrate outstanding enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurial flair. This award is aimed at business leaders with exceptional vision and leadership, with a strong financial track record over the last three years.

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